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If you’re thinking of a dog from Eric I can’t say enough good things!! After a lot of research, I knew Eric was the guy I was getting my next dog from. I’ve had German Shepherds since the age of 3. Trigger is my 4 German Shepard and by far has the best personality of all of them. Trigger came to Cape Cod on board Delta Airlines. He arrived in travel carrier and Trigger was in perfect health. To this day my vet says he has a perfect heart, hips, and his overall health is top notch. Trigger is a family dog. He’s been around babies and my young children. He has never growled at them and has taken whatever the kids did to him. His personality is like none I’ve ever had before. He is such a sweet dog and loves to cuddle with you, even at 82 lbs. He is very playful, but relaxed when he has to be. He did very well in training classes and the trainer used him to show others how to act. When it came to a second dog there was no other guy but Eric. I’m now getting my SECOND dog from him. He takes his time to help you pick the dog best for you and your family. Never rushed on the phone and texts were returned in a timely manner. If you have any question PLEASE call and ask for Mike. I will be more than happy to explain my experiences with you.

Harrington Family
Sandwich, MA

Six years ago my husband and I were so fortunate to come across “My New German” website. We found Eric to be incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and always available for questions after we adopted Elsie, a super cute German Sheppard puppy with plush coat. We picked her up at DFW airport Friday night. She came out the travel crate, cute as ever! I held her in my arms, instantly fell in love with this bundle of joy! Rest is the history.
We’ve done so many trips together, all over the country. Her temperament is so incredible. She gets along with people at any age, dogs at any size. We are so fortunate she’s able to travel to many places with us, enjoying the national parks, Great Lakes, and even simple as local festivals. She’s dorsal, tender, above all a greatest companion you can ever wish for!
Thank you Eric for delivering such a wonderful addition to our family! 

Steve & Ellen Carder
Dallas, Texas

My Minka just turned out Phenomenal. Minka has earned her BN, RN, RA, RE, HT and PT titles. She is also working towards her TD title in Tracking. Just this last weekend she earned her HT and PT titles in just 4 days of herding trials. The judges were so impressed with her that they both said they would steal her in a heartbeat. Said her natural talent, instinct and ability was just awesome. Better than any other GSD at the trials. Was also told by the AKGSD club president that she was gorgeous and should be in the show ring. On top of that she is just drop dead gorgeous and has the most awesome, sweet temperament you could ask for, and smart!! Needless to say I am very proud of her! She really is just awesome. There is nothing I have introduced her to that she doesn’t excel at. She is amazing. Thanks again for an awesome girl!


Hi Eric.  I just wanted to check in and let you know how well Luna is doing. She is so sweet and has the best temperament. We are enjoying her so much. She is a breeze when it comes to potty training and is learning basic commands so quickly. She has started her puppy training classes and continues to improve each week. She is very smart and so many people have commented on how striking she is. She really is such a beautiful girl. She is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks again!

Lori Stubbeman
Battlefield, MO

Rhea is our fourth German Shepherd and by far the easiest to train and such a sweetheart. We adore her. She’s done wonderful in obedience classes and is calm, but always ready for an adventure! Eric has been a great resource for any questions or concerns we’ve had along the way. All of our future German Shepherds will come from Eric. She is our calmest, easiest to train, and healthiest! Thank you Eric!


I found My New German online and could not be more pleased. I was looking for a German Shepherd and came across this website and was really impressed with the information that was available. We called Eric several times with questions since we had never had a puppy before and he was always available and very helpful. He made our decision to get our puppy Nelly from him very easy. We are very happy and have a great dog! She is still in her puppy stage, but is very smart and a great family dog. We will definitely be calling Eric if we decide to get a second dog. Best decision!

Barb Walsh
Farmington, MN 

What a delight Tucker is. From the minute we got him home, he was well adjusted and such a love. Your breeding for a family oriented dog is the best that I have seen. The vet even commented on his disposition and could not believe I have had him such a short time because he has bonded to me already. He plays like crazy then runs over to me and lays down to sleep at my feet. I would recommend you and your puppies to anyone.

Candice Tanner
Berwick, PA

On 3/7/2011, I bought a new German shepherd from you and it changed my life completely. At the time I just knew I wanted a German shepherd not knowing that he would be my traveling partner, protector and the love of my life. In 7 years I have changed jobs, moved multiple times, married, divorced, drove cross county and my German Shepherd has been with me for the entire time. Bear has shown his loyalty, devotion and companionship and I am so happy I looked on your website 7 years ago.

The Woodlands, Texas

We can’t be more pleased with our New German Pup! Now 6 months old, Sinjin AKA “Buzz” is so smart he has learned his commands in light speed time! Always patient and not a mean bone in his body, he cracks us up when he sees his reflection and barks!!! Sinjin is absolutely GREAT around children and new guests. A faithful bud, we should have named him Shadow, always willing to take a walk around the pond with Pop (he thinks he’s a lab the way he plays in the water)! We love him… I am so grateful for this unexpected surprise, being a bit skeptical about buying a pup from a pic let alone making a long distance purchase as Sinjin was being shipped to PA. But as other testimonials have stated, he arrived safe & sound exactly as promised!! Eric was so helpful and timely in his response to my questions as well as setting up the shipping arrangements. Everything went as planned. It was such a stress-free and positive experience that we have now just put a deposit down for another pup due to arrive in August! If you do decide to purchase one of Eric’s pups, be sure to take his advice on his recommended Dog Food Life’s Abundance & NuVet Plus supplement, not only for the Health Guarantee but we have witnessed Sinjin’s healthy coat, teeth and overall growth not to mention he’s beautiful!! We’re looking forward to another wonderful addition to our family, I’m sure Sinjin will be a great big brother!! Thanks again Eric.

Gina Shelley
New Freedom, PA

My New German was a life saver for me, and more so Eric!  I had never owned a dog, but knew from high school age that I wanted a German Shepherd.  Eric was “by my side” the whole time.  I had SOOOOOO many questions.  How to pick by personality/temperament, whether I wanted a boy or a girl, how to decide the look I wanted, how many different types of Shepherds there were, what questions to ask about the mom and dad, what to want in a vet.  The list is never ending.  But by text, phone or email, My New German and Eric saved the day.  I now have exactly what I want!  The exact look I desired, the exact temperament, the exact EVERYTHING. It sounds too good to be true, but I cannot explain how thrilled I am with decision.  In addition, I contacted about 6 other breeders prior to choosing Eric/My New German.  What made me decide?  His professionalism.  Some of the other breeders wouldn’t call me, they only wanted to communicate through email, had horrible grammar and email etiquette, which left me to question their business practices, and some were just plain inconsiderate of my wants/questions.  Eric responded promptly, professionally, and again, answered the 30+ questions I had.  I just can’t say enough, as I know we corresponding back and forth over 25 times.  If I had to do it again, rest assured, I would make the same choice.  Samson was a Valentine’s Day baby and is now 10 months old.  He is the best thing that has happened to me.  The best companion and protector a girl could ask for!  Even though he does eat my socks….I love him to pieces! 

Wilkins Family
Worcester, MA

Sully from My New German now resides in Pt. Pleasant NJ. We picked him up at Newark Airport on January 10, 2014. This will be our first Christmas as a family. We love him! He is 15 months old and weighs 85 pounds. Such a handsome, mischievous friendly, people loving love bug!

Smith Family
Pt. Pleasant, NJ

We just wanted to tell you how FABULOUS our first week has been with Dante!!! We are SOOO in love with this pup! When you told us how great he was you were not exaggerating at all!! First of all he is SO handsome! We have received so many compliments on how beautiful his coat, ears, and his face are; and of course the size of his paws! We also can’t believe how smart he already is! He can already sit and lay down for us. He can even “fetch” his ball. He is just the best! He loves all of his toys and has to make sure they are ALL on his bed with him. He barely has room for himself.
He has been sleeping through the night for at least 6-7hrs with no accidents! When we take him outside he knows what he is out there to do right away! And he has had minimal accidents in the house.
Most of all, we love how big of a baby he is! We have been carrying him around like he’s our little newborn. We figured, we might as well take advantage of it now while he can still fit in our arms. He is just so lovable! He has us wrapped around his paws already!
You really do raise a wonderful puppy! It is SO clear how much work and effort you put into your dogs from day 1! We are so happy we found your website! We can’t imagine our lives without Dante!
Update May 2014 – We are OBSESSED with his color! He is perfect! He is such a great dog! We can’t even explain to you how much we love him! We couldn’t be happier!!! Above and beyond his color, he has the best personality and such a good temperament. He is good with other dogs and passed puppy training with flying colors! By far he was the smartest in the class! We are just so impressed and in love. 

Gerardi Family
Worcester, MA

Archer weighed in at a whopping 90lbs and is still growing! Every one we come in contact with are always super impressed with how visible his muscles are! He’s a big happy boy and we love him.

Katie Taulman
Columbus, IN

I had been without a dog for several years and had always wanted a German Shepherd. After a lot of web searching I came across Eric’s website. As soon as I saw Sierra’s picture I was in love. I immediately called Eric to see about adopting her. After a conversation with Eric I whipped out my Visa card and bought her on the spot. It was a Tuesday night and a few nights later on Friday night I picked her up from the San Jose airport. I own and work at a pre-school and on Monday morning Sierra was introduced to the children and parents at our school as a permanent addition to our program (any school can have goldfish and hamsters). Since then she has gone to work with me almost every day. She is sweet, energetic, and VERY smart. She is also protective of the children in our pre-school, a definite plus. Several people have complimented me on how well behaved and beautiful Sierra is and when they mention a desire to have a shepherd of their own I’m quick to recommend Eric and his website as the place to go for the best German Shepherd puppies.
UPDATE (OCTOBER 2014) Hello Eric, I thought I would  give you an up-date on Sierra. She’s doing great! At the beginning of October she went to the vet for her all day, comprehensive exam.  She passed  with flying colors. On Oct 7th she turned one year and nine months old. Sierra continues to come to work with me every day. One child who goes to our pre-school was terrified of dogs but thanks to daily contact with Sierra he has completely overcome his fear. 

Keith Haden
Small World Academy
Sunnyvale, CA

My kids and I love Zena she has been the best we all love her! She loves my son Vincent the most. She will do anything he will do swimming, climbing trees ECT. She is very sweet & smart!!

Santangelo Family

We are doing obedience school, and Maverick is the smartest one there! Thank you again for breeding such a smart, loyal, and protective dog and giving me my best friend 🙂

Katie Hamilton
Ft. Myers, FL

Eric I have to thank you again for all your help with rusty. He was everything you told me about and more. Words can not express how happy we are with you, and the very professional way you do business. Rusty is one of the smartest puppy’s I have ever had. He sits, stays and on your advice how to potty train him, we have never even once had an accident in the house. Your web sight is just fantastic, you should be proud. The flight to new York didn’t even seem to bother him. We had him vet checked the next day and our vet said “this dog is in fantastic shape she has never seen a puppy from a breeder in such great shape.”
Your paper work to the vet was right on. The vet asked me for your web sight so she can recommend you to any one of her clients, that may want a German Shepard. Well Eric all I can say is, other breeders should take a few lessons from you, then there would not be so many heart breaks for sick and not properly cared for puppy’s.
Update (May 2014) Rusty is just the most awesome dog we have ever had. He is so smart, loving and protective, we are soooo happy with him and he gets along well with my other dogs. You are the best!!!!!
Update (August 2018) I just wanted to tell you once again that you are the best. Even all these years later we think of you always, how wonderful you were when we purchased Rusty, everything you told us was so true and accurate, and how your always there for us. Thank you for what you do, and thank you for being one of the most honest breeders. You’re in our thoughts and prayers always.

Judy Eckhardt
Massapequa, NY  

I ADORE him. Best decision I ever made. He is so loved! I hope you continue to breed Shepherds for a long time. I want any future puppies to come from you! He is so steady, he checks things out, but doesn’t feel the need to bark incessantly. Everyone at the vet absolutely adores him, they hope his personality doesn’t change, because it is difficult to keep him from running behind the counter to greet everyone! The more time I spend with him, the more I enjoy his personality. He is a real gem. He is so well mannered. It’s obvious that you worked with him. He listens so well, I rarely have to speak to him more than once. He is a really special little boy. Thanks for letting us have the privilege of raising him. He is an absolute love and we are all thrilled to have him here.
Update (May 2013) – Hi Eric, I wanted to show you how handsome and grown up he is these days. He is still extremely friendly and everyone at the vet’s office loves him because he licks all their faces! The vet says there are VERY few dogs she will get that close to. He is so wonderful and special, and we adore him. We are very thankful that we made the decision to welcome him into our family! Everything he does is just adorable! Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies!

Ann Thompson
Mirror Lake, NH

My husband found My New German online when he was looking for a German Shepherd pup for my birthday.  We had never purchased a pet from out of state, but Eric had just the dog for us and made the entire process seamless and easy!  He was honest, thorough, and well informed on his animals, the travel process, etc.  Within two days, our pup was on a plane to meet us at the Denver airport!  We are so in love with our “Chilly B”… he is well adjusted, beautiful and just as described/promised.  He has truly made the perfect addition to our family, which is a tall order considering we had lost our beloved adult German Shepherd just months before getting him.  We definitely recommend Eric and My New German to anyone looking for a sweet, quality pup for their family!
Update (Feb 2011) – Chilly B is doing great. He’s huge (probably 80+ pounds) and super sweet. He LOVES LOVES LOVES snow and we really get a kick out of watching how much fun he has jumping around in the snow.

Sean & Jen Fitzgerald
Conifer, CO

I had been researching for almost 2 years when I came across My New German and Eric. I immediately fell in love with Bella, one of his puppies at that time. I emailed him just out of curiosity since I was not planning on getting a puppy for another 6 months. Eric patiently answered all my questions, addressed all possible issues and problem scenarios that I could possibly come up with. Not even two weeks later, I was picking up my little precious from the airport in DC. The trip was perfectly organized and even expedited because of inclement weather conditions. Our little baby girl has made our family complete. She is not just smart, but the sweetest little thing. She loves to explore and play, and makes us laugh so much. And the best thing:  Any possible problem that may arise after having received your puppy, will still be addressed by Eric. I strongly recommend puppies from My New German. Thank you Eric. 

Daniela C. W.-L.
Woodbridge, VA
(808) 551-6494

I was in the market for a new puppy and researched many breeds before I finally decided on a German Shepherd. I found Eric’s website and immediately fell in love with the pictures. The website was full of information and I received an immediate response after emailing him asking several questions. The next day I paid for Gracie and two days later she was on a plane headed to me! He made me feel very comfortable about the process and everything was well organized. I had never purchased an animal over the internet or from out of state and he made it very painless! Gracie was everything he described her as and much more!! She has made a fantastic addition to my family. She also gets along great with my American Bulldog! She is very curious, loving and intelligent! I am very happy with her and I would definitely recommend Eric to everyone! It is very nice to know if I have any questions, concerns, or comments that Eric is just an email, phone call, or text message away!
Update –  Gracie is a year old now. She is weighing in at 90 pounds and gorgeous! I could not ask for a better dog, companion and best friend! Thanks again for breeding a wonderful dog!!

Nikki Harris
Warner Robins, GA

What can I say about  Eric, everything went great from the phone calls to the delivery of my boy Sargent Benjamin.   Sarge is not our first German Shepherd but our first one that we purchased without seeing the parents or seeing the puppy in person. Eric answered all my questions and let me tell you, I can’t begin to tell you the compliments I get on this  dog,  he is not only handsome but so very smart. He is truly an amazing shepherd;  from the time  we got him off the plane he was well adjusted and could handle all situations without freaking out. It is amazing when he hears a plane go by in the sky he will stop and look straight up at it, I am guessing he remembers his flight from Missouri to NJ, on August 14, 2009. He made our family very happy he is an exceptional dog. I still talk to Eric and give him updates on Sarge. Sarge is 9 months old and weighs in at 88 lbs  I can take him anywhere and he is always ready to greet someone and loves children. He is currently training to be a therapy  dog someday, he needs to be over one before he can get certified. When I take him to stores people ask if he is a show dog — he is that handsome. We love him to pieces and I would recommend Eric to anyone without any hesitation. Eric was wonderful I called him so many times from the time I put my deposit on Sarge until the time he was shipped; and he never once made me feel like I was bothering him he was always ready to help me. I am so happy my husband found Eric’s web site —  Sarge was the best birthday present  I could have ever received.   Feel free to call me, I will be glad to talk to anyone who may have questions.

The Pucciarello Family
East Hanover, NJ 
(973) 202-7091

Dean is doing just wonderful. He is such a happy, gorgeous, awesome, beautiful and intelligent puppy. He´s the most perfect dog, really. He is such a joy to be around and everybody just adores him. I can´t tell you how happy I am having him. You did an amazing job and I am referring everybody looking for an outstanding GSD to you. Really, when I am outside with Dean, everybody just stops to pet him and say how wonderful and handsome he is, no joke. There was this guy the other day who stopped immediately and pulled his car to the side to just pet Dean. That´s amazing. Everybody simply adores him and Dean loves people and children. He wasn´t even afraid of the firecrackers on July, 4th, which I found totally amazing since my white GSD was so shy and timid and was afraid of anything. He is truly an awesome and outstanding companion and I love, love, love him. Dean is truly a Gift! Thank you!
Update (March 2013) –  I just wanted to keep you posted on Dean 🙂 He is doing just wonderful. He is still this well-trained, happy-go-lucky dog. Can you believe he turned two 2 weeks ago? He is such a perfect dog and I can’t imagine being without him one single day. He means the world to me! He looks very happy and healthy and is maturing nicely. 🙂 He is the best dog on Earth!
Update (December 2016) Here’s the most recent pic of Dean! I cannot believe he will be 7 years in March. He is still acting like he is one year old. The most amazing and wonderful dog on the planet! I love him to pieces!


My husband and I were thinking about getting a new puppy because my lab of 13 years had to be put down last year. He had owned German Shepherds in the past, but I had always been a lab person. I found Eric’s site and immediately feel in love with the picture of Sophie. So  as a Christmas present my husband bought her for me. She has been the best dog I have ever owned. Sophie is such a gentle, good-natured and intelligent animal. I have taken her to obedience training and found that she learns very quickly. We were very pleased with the way the purchase was handled. Everything went as planned. She is in excellent health and just a joy to have around. A friend of mine is looking for a GSD and I recommended Eric without reservation. Thank-you so much Eric for giving me a new best friend!!!!!

Kathy & Keith Kempffer
Wright City, MO